Efficiently optimize processes!

PDF2EDI converts your PDF business documents into structured EDI messages.
PDF2EDI offers a cost-effective way to connect with business partners and integrate processes.


Finally optimize your business documents for electronic data exchange with PDF2EDI. Combine several PDF documents into one document in just a few seconds, convert different formats into PDF and, if required, convert to the PDF/A standard. Furthermore, you have the possibility to translate business documents from SAP into different target formats for automatic further processing in the recipient's system. PDF2EDI is the optimal solution to communicate with your business partners more securely and easily. PDF2EDI supports your electronic processes and improves trade relations with your business partners. As a supplier you offer your customers a decisive added value.




PDF2EDI provides EDI integration by converting the PDF content into a structured EDI message.

100% efficiency

PDF2EDI offers you an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate electronically with all your business partners. Rota's PDF2EDI solution is not only versatile, but also easy to use.

"Managed Services"

The central component of PDF2EDI is an integration platform of our cloud service. It acts as a central platform and data hub for all business processes with external business partners.

Business Gateway

PDF2EDI integrates both horizontal and vertical marketplaces via the multifunctional iXSuite communication platform. For example, you can reach 99% of all companies in the automotive industry via our auto-gration and TecCom Gateways.


No matter which program creates your PDFs, they can be converted. Whether Excel, Word, SAGE, Simply Accounting, Business Vision, SAP, Filemaker or all self-developed systems.

Absolute precision

The conversion process is absolutely precise and is fully automated. Whether small or large company, PDF2EDI is the right solution!


- Available at short notice by mail
- No manual recording
- Electronic further processing
- Automatic processes 24/7
- Consulting and support


The supplier sends his PDF invoice to a personalized eMail address to the PDF2EDI Service. Most smaller ERP systems create PDF invoices automatically and can also send them by e-mail.

The PDF2EDI Basic Service converts the required data into XML. The XML contains all information that is relevant for posting and initiating payment transactions.

The purchaser receives the PDF invoice and an e-invoice XML with the essential header and footer data for an invoice verification. Starting with the Comfort and Extended profiles, the invoice items are also provided in XML.

Simple and efficient with PDF2EDI

With the help of PDF2EDI every supplier can automatically send e-Invoicing (electronic invoices) to his customers. The supplier does not have to change the system or process or install additional software. The PDF invoices are simply sent by the supplier e.g. by mail to the PDF2EDI service. Are you interested in a mail solution for your SAP? You want to accelerate your processes and relieve your users? PDF2EDI is also available as add-on for the SAP MailCenter. PDF2EDI supports you to improve the trade relations with your business partners through electronic processes.


SMEs play a central role in the automotive industry and are crucial in the supply and sale of vehicles, spare parts and services. Many SMEs and smaller partners send PDF business documents from programs such as Excel, SAGE, Lexware or KHK products. PDF2EDI is a central service that converts these PDF documents into the corresponding auto-gration or TecCom message. With PDF2EDI you can successfully participate in the global value chain and participate in electronic business transactions.


You receive delivery notes and invoices as PDF files from smaller business partners?

An employee needs an average of 25 minutes of pure working time to manually process and capture PDF documents.

With PDF2EDI the manual workload is completely eliminated - PDF2EDI generates the corresponding auto-gration message from the PDF document in seconds.

You are using an industry solution for your daily business, but do not have an EDI interface. However, you can usually transfer delivery notes and invoices from your application to your business partners as PDF documents.

Increase the supplier rating of your buyers with PDF2EDI. We convert your PDF documents into the corresponding auto-gration messages and can transmit them automatically to your partners.

With PDF2EDI no changes to your system are necessary.

For small retailers, the integration costs are often not worthwhile. Orders continue to be sent to suppliers as PDF documents.
An employee needs an average of 25 minutes of pure working time to manually process and capture PDF documents.
As a Teccom supplier, use our PDF2EDI service to receive these orders via your existing TecCom interface into your ERP system.


Send us a PDF document as a sample, e.g. delivery note.

We create a mapping and set up a mail access for you.

Test the PDF2EDI service for one month free of charge.

In purchasing and sales

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become indispensable in today's business world. Processes can be made much more efficient in both purchasing and sales. For small craftsmen, self-employed persons and SMEs, an EDI solution is usually not feasible. However, EDI capability is an important criterion for supplier evaluation and often a knock-out factor in contract negotiations. Most business applications can generate offers, delivery notes, invoices etc. as PDF documents. PDF2EDI converts your PDF documents into EDI message.


Many SMEs and smaller partners send PDF business documents from programs such as Excel, SAGE, Lexware or KHK products. PDF2EDI is a central service that converts PDF documents into the corresponding IDOC. PDF2EDI offers a simple and cost-effective digital exchange of structured IDOC'S (orders, delivery notes, invoices) for use with SAP®-R/3® software. PDF2EDI supports you and your suppliers in integrating PDF documents into your SAP®-R/3® software.


The PDF documents are transmitted by you or your business partner to a given central e-mail address at PDF2EDI Service.

Here the business data contained in the PDF document - header and item data - is extracted by the PDF2EDI Service and converted into the corresponding IDOC.

The IDOC and the PDF document are delivered electronically to your system practically without delay. You and your suppliers can thus implement savings potential without additional intervention in your systems.

With our IDOC server you can receive the converted messages from PDF2EDI directly and transfer them to your SAP system. Alternatively the IDOCs received by PDF2EDI can be transferred to an ABAP module in your SAP system for further processing with the RCF server.


With our 1-month free trial period you have absolutely no risk with PDF2EDI. You can test PDF2EDI for a whole month without binding and get to know all advantages. If you are not satisfied, the access will simply be switched off again and no costs will be incurred.